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J. Ryan Solutions
“Impacting Lives One Click At A Time”

At J. Ryan Solutions we provide a wide array of multimedia training, Digital production programs & Music education.

Please see our Services Page for an in depth look at what JRS has to offer your organization. Click below for more info on Video & Film Production.

Film & Video Production

JRS Film & Media Programs

We offer consulting programs in Planning, Organizing, Designing and Purchasing Technology for our customers projects. Whether you are building from the ground up, Renovating or Upgrading JRS can assist you with all of your technology needs.

Technology Design & Planning

Technology Planning

Our goal is to bring a personal touch to those we serve, no matter what their skill level, age, or nationality may be. We strive to help you understand why these technologies are vital to your everyday life & business while also helping you best apply new and constantly changing tech strategies. If you are an organization in need of technological help, we can create a plan for you.

What can  J.Ryan Solutions do For Your Business or Organization?

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We offer various computer education programs. JRS maintains & operates several Computer Learning centers on the East Coast.. We provide Technology Solutions, Planning and Support. Our programs are specifically  designed to meet our customers desired needs.

Computer Learning         Centers

Computer Education Centers & Programs

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